Y4F Teacher Training

Want Yoga for Fighters at your BJJ or MMA school?

Send a teacher to a Y4F Teacher Training and they will return as a Y4F Specialist!

The Y4F Teacher Training is a 40 hour, week long training for instructors to learn how to teach Yoga for Fighters correctly. Phil Migliarese has been practicing Yoga for over 20 years and has high standards for those that go through his program.  The instructors are expected to know how to teach the postures accurately as well as properly adjust others during their practice.  With tricks that make it easy to learn teaching perfect postures, an in depth manual to follow and review and the specific requirements* for those coming into the program, the instructors coming out of the Y4F Teacher Training are of the highest quality in the Yoga industry.

Below are the steps to becoming a Y4F specialist in your area:

*Students entering the Y4F Teacher Training Course must have a minimum of 20 hours of group classes and one 10 hour Weekend Intensive Bootcamp.